New Contact Fields are not showing

Hi. I wonder if you can help. When I create a new field in Admin > studio > Contacts > Fields, the new contact field does not appear when I go to enter a new record (contacts > create contact). I though that all I’d need to do is create a field for it to appear there but I think i must be missing a step.

Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, you are. You first have to create the field. THEN you have to add the field to the appropriate layout in Studio.

Thanks for that I’ve added the field in layouts too and then clicked “save deploy” and it’s still not appearing. Do you know why that might be?


Did you add it to both the edit view and the display layout? You have to add it to both. If you’ve done that try a repair and rebuild and flush your browser cache. If that doesn’t work my guess is you have a permission s problem with the custom folder. Redo your permission s with SSH. Google the correct command. There’s lots of posts on that.

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