New build on old DB returns an error

Hi All,

I’ve just rebuilt an instance of SuiteCRM version 7.1.4 as a fresh installation and completely configured all the labels.
After transferring the instance over to a copy of my original DB (same version but by upgrade) I’ve run a quick repair and rebuild and although all of the other modules work correctly, my contacts module comes up blank. The top menu show but no logo or footers?

The log tells me that;

Multiple links found for relationship cases_contacts_1 within module Cases
Multiple links found for relationship cases_contacts_1 within module Contacts

I’ve checked all of the permissions on the server and also run Rebuild Relationships and Repair Roles from the Admin menu.

Oddly before I ran the first repair it all worked seamlessly with not an error in the logs?

I’ve also seen the error in other posts where custom modules are involved but I don’t have any?

Gotta love that Friday afternoon feeling…

Any pointers would be appreciated. I reasonably stubborn in finding my own way but this has me a bit stumped!

That particular error is a tough one to fix. In the past when I’ve had it, I was not able to get any assistance from these forums. I was actually forced to export the data, delete the module, and create it again from scratch.

Not sure how you’d do that with a standard module though…

Why did you build a fresh 7.1.4 with your custom labels and then transfer it over on top of another db that was upgraded to 7.1.4 ?

Can you try running your old code over your old but matching/working version of the db, then use the suite upgrade packages to upgrade code and db, step by step, to 7.1.4 ?

Thank you both for the replies.

Just to note that this isn’t a live system and both the live and my dev are already on the same version 7.1.4.
I simply dumped the live DB and used it with the freshly built instance. I was under the ‘perhaps’ false assumption that it would work without a hitch.

Interestingly, the repair and rebuild process added MySQL code to include the cases_contacts_1 table entry. After that the contacts details page was blank.

I’ve already exported the data to csv but I had issues with the import regarding multi-select fields. This of course isn’t insurmountable in its self. I was simply indulging some curiosity over why this particular issue occurred.

The object of the exercise was to create a cleaner instance with some additional customisations, applying all that I’d learned over the last few months.
Most likely to actually implement the new version I will follow Roqueforts advice and import all of the csv files into the fresh build.

SuiteCRM does have one or two subtleties and its only by experimenting with it that I’m able to learn them.

Thanks for your guidance in this process.