Networked Help Desk support?

I’m interested in integrating SuiteCRM with our help desk system via Networked Help Desk. This was a standard that was developed by SugarCRM in cooperation with Zendesk, Atlassian, OTRS and several other help desk companies/projects.

I haven’t been able to find any documentation about Networked Help Desk support for SugarCRM, and I’m wondering if this was ever an actively developed part of S(ugar|uite)CRM. Any pointers would be helpful.

All the add-ons and integrations are usually listed on SuiteCRM Store. If it isn’t there, most likely it doesn’t exist.

I personally never heard about this, so I believe it wasn’t part of SugarCRM when we forked (their version 6.5), and it isn’t part of SuiteCRM today.

Which modules would you integrate with this?

I’m not exactly sure how the integration works. I suspect, based on the documentation for Networked Help Desk that the idea was to sync help desk tickets between SugarCRM and other systems. I’ve never played with the helpdesk system in SugarCRM or SuiteCRM, and if that’s all that it will sync, it probably won’t do me much good.

I’m actually most interested in syncing contacts and customers with our instance of RT; I don’t even know if that’s possible via Networked Help Desk, but I wanted to explore (possibly) existing solutions before writing web services or middleware.

I don’t think the whole “Networked Help Desk” thing will take you very far with SuiteCRM.

If I were you I would just evaluate SuiteCRM’s Cases module (with AOP Portal if you need external access from customers) to see if that’s enough for you to drop your RT system.

If it isn’t, and you really need to take the integration path, then look at the new REST API v8 that SuiteCRM released, and use it for syncing Contacts, Cases, etc.

I suspect, based on the lack of hits on ‘SugarCRM’ and ‘Networked Help Desk’ that this was never developed for SugarCRM, so I’m not greatly surprised… The REST API is my next stop.

Thanks for the follow up. is there a way to mark a thread as answered?

No, there’s no way to mark as “solved”, we just let if fade into the past… :slight_smile: