Need validation for Contact and Account


I am using SuiteCRM 7.7.9 version. while creating note i have a fields like Contact and Related to. In Contact we can click icon and we can select the contact from the list and Related to filed i have Account and Account Name(“TEST”) automatically display.

So here i want validation for particular contact is related to Account Name (“TEST”) or not.if not then we should show the message that it not related to this account.same like vice versa.

Can you help me how can i do it?

Thanks in advance.



Do you mean a filter?

I’m pretty sure that not everybody will understand your question; I am one of them.

Eef Vreeland

Hi Eif,

Thank you for your reply. sorry for my question without giving clear information.

Here i attached image contains filters.

Question: If i select one contact and it is not related to that account it should give the error message and voice versa.

Please help me out in this…i am trying for 2 days but no luck.

Let me know if you have any concerns.



Since you already know the Account, you should only present relevant Contacts instead of showing a list with all Contacts.

What’s the point of making a Contact selectable and reject the same Contact later. Besides, how big is the chance that a user selects the right Contact, assuming that the user doesn’t know who is in what account?


Hi Eef,

Thanks for your response.

Yeah its fine if i get only particular contacts based on account. but how can i show it … where can i write the code for this?

I am very new to SuiteCRM application.Could you please help me.Please please…


Please anyone help me…its very urgent issue