Need to send email automatically when lead is on one week vocation

John, the client, submitted his information but he is on vacation and wants to handle it next Tuesday.

Randy, the sales rep, needs to set up a notification to remind him to follow up with John next Tuesday.

Please is there any possibility to do it?

Need to send email automatically when lead is on one week vocation. Please anyone share the details for the workflow.

you should be able to add a workflow that sends an email. But first, you need to store the date (e.g. in a custom date field “send follow-up mail”) and some kind of status (e.g. a checkbox “follow-up mail sent”).

Then you can create a workflow (“scheduler only”), the condition is that “follow-up mail sent” equals false and that the current date >= “send follow-up mail”.
Then, you add two actions: 1) send mail 2) set “follow-up mail sent” to true. This should prevent that a contact is receiving multiple mails.

You could also add a second workflow that unsets the “follow-up mail sent” field when changing the “send follow-up mail”-date. In this case, your first workflow should be able to run multiple times per record (there is a checkbox for that). But first make sure that your workflow actually works and doesn’t send mails each minute.

ok thanks. will check