Need to send email automatically to leads after 3 days

Need to send email without campaign automatically to leads after 3 days from the date that created. Please help.

Please share the conditions for that Wrokflow

Hey @Lakshmanan92

You would use the Date option on the workflow conditions to delay an email (or action). Ensure you have “new” records selected else the workflow will kick off for all existing leads (that could be alot!)

Module: Leads
Field: Date Created
Operator: Less Than or Equal to
Type: Date
Value: Now - 3 Days

Hey Thanks for the help.

But it will trigger the email immediately after created. Please help.

Now - 3 Days should work as expected, it should not throw immediately.

If you are looking more advance functionlity like choose custom sender and custom template on day by day basis, you may have a look on this.

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What are your other conditions on the workflow record itself? Have you selected “Run as Scheduler”?

Ok thanks. I will check. Now can I make it 3 minutes after lead created. Will it work?

Ok thanks. I will check. if I make it 3 minutes after lead created. Will it work?

No… All schedulers are disabled now.

In order for workflows to execute based on dates/times they need to be running in the background. You’ll need to turn on the Scheduler job for workflows. This checks all workflows every minute else the system wouldn’t know to execute straight away or when a record hits 3 days past.

Have a good read of how workflows work in general along side how to set up the accompany scheduler job. (there is also a similar example on how to send a reminder after 2 days in the documentation you can use as reference)