Need to remove Shortcuts to CREATE in the Menu bar

Hi Folks,

We have a separate role for a Business Unit name (Journey Plan) and all the modules are Custom in that.
Everything works fine, just that Shortcuts for CREATE is coming in the top right hand in menu bar, which is showing shortcuts to create Accounts/Contacts/Oppties etc. (which are for other main Business Unit)
However the sales person who comes under Journey Plan, they don’t have access to the system defined modules which are coming under CREATE.
So how can I prevent the same, they want to show their modules or nothing should comeup, as this is creating confusion.

Many thanks!

Check out the file themes/SuiteP/tpls/_headerModuleList.tpl

Hi urdhvatech,

Thanks for the reply, but that’s a 700 lines of code, and I am having hard time finding the exact code to disable the Create functionality.
Any suggestion.


You can hide the “Create” shortcut from any module based on roles and teams using the below extension of SuiteCRM.

Please check the below plugin:-