Need to remove Options in Subpanel View

Hi Folks,

I have a scenario: While creating an Opportunity, we have to choose multiple Products, so I have created Products Subpanel, where I can select as many products as I want, but in the Module subpanel, there are 2 options: Create and Select.
Salesteam need to just select the Products, we don’t want to give them Create options in the Sabpanel, can we hide that option.

Kindly suggest.

Many thanks!

I think this is what you need

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Hi @pgr,

Thank you for the response, it did work perfectly. But it is working with Custom Subpanel only, I have removed one option from Custom module, but I need to remove one option from Activies Subpanel as well, there are 3 options coming: Schedule Meeting, Log Call, Compose Email, I don’t need Schedule Meeting option, I know it sounds silly as even if it is there, you can neglect, but you know how Sales team work, so… :frowning:

Any suggestions.