Need to relate custom module to Contacts via Accounts

I need simple (laymen’s terms) explanation please. I am a novice at CRMs in general, but have a quick learning curve.

My question is this:

I built a custom module called Players. I related it to Accounts Module (Accounts as primary with one-to-many relationship to Players). I also related the Players module to the Contacts Module (Players is primary with many-to-many relationship to Contacts). I will have multiple players per Contacts, multiple players per Account, one Account per Player, and multiple Contacts per Account.

I’ve associated each Player record with an Account, and I can see them in a subpanel of the Account. I would like to go directly to Contact’s record from an Account record and see all the Players associated with that Account. (All the Contacts of an Account will share all the Players of the Account.)

My problem is that while I see the Player on the subpanel of the Account record, the Player’s record doesn’t exist in the Player subpanel of the related Contact’s record.

I am thoroughly confused by relationships. (For some reason I can only see the Account/Player relationship under Studio>Accounts>Relationships not under Studio>Players>Relationships.) Secondly, I don’t know what to enter when building a relationship “Subpanel from [Primary]” or “Subpanel from [Related]” dropdown menus when I’m adding a relationship in Studio. And thirdly, I am wondering if I set it up all wrong somehow.

I can go in an manually associate a Player to each Contact, but I need to be able to update a Player record from the Account record so that the update to the Player’s record propagates to the Players subpanel of Contacts automatically.

I’m hoping someone can advise right away as I need to finish building this in the next 48-72 hours.


I am using SuiteCRM 7.8.2


You may be able to do it (in batch mode) with a workflow. If you select the “Modify Record” Action you can also add a relationship.
I am not sure if you can achieve what you are looking for but this method doesen’t require any coding.

Alternatively you may try a logic hook, which requires coding.

Whatever method you decide to use you will also have to consider the removal of records otherwise you may end up left with a mess full of orphan relationships that should no longer exist. (eg if you remove a contact from an account: what happens to the exixting relationship between that contact ad the associated player? Similarly if you remove a Player from an account?)

Thanks for the reply, amariussi!

Good question. If I remove a Contact from the account I want the Player to disappear as well. These are literally families, parents and children who are registering for various programs, so with no parent (Contact), The family(Account) will be deleted. BTW not all Contact and Accounts in the DB will be parents and families, just some of them. Only Accounts that are families will have Players (children) associated with them. There may be mulitple Contacts per Account (two parents, maybe a nanny) and multiple Players per Account/Contact. So if I delete one parent (which I doubt I’d ever do) the Player could remain associated with the other parent of that family. I hope that makes sense.

Previously, I’ve been trying to set the relationship up hub-style (concentrically), with Accounts at the center. But now that I type out that above paragraph. I’m thinking maybe if there were a way to make a subpanel of a subpanel. For instance Contacts many-to-many would be set up as a subpanel under accounts. Then Players many-to-many would be set up as a subpanel under Contacts. But in that setup would there be a way to see a sub-subpanel of the Players from the Account record?

Please advise