Need to Fetch data from external API without storing at database show multiple view

I have few custom modules created using Module Builder. As per requirement, I need to fetch data using external REST API (around 2-3 lakhs of record per API) and without storing data in suite Database I need to display data on custom modules (using UI provided by SuiteCRM only. NO CUSTOM UI). and also I have operations to be perform on data which will again call External API.
So, as per requirement, Data should not be saved at database. How to achieve this in SUITECRM (7.11.8 version)?
Those who are suiteCRM experts, Please provide inputs.

Hhmm curious requirement.

I would say you need to add dummy fields to the views. I would do this with “non-db” fields created directly in the views’ PHP files. But you can also do it with Studio, only this will make you create the dummy fields in the database also.

Then you override the views’ classes so that, when it is about to be displayed, it calls the API and injects the values into the view.

Here is an example of extending the view to calculate a field:

You can do something similar, but instead of deriving a calculation from an existing field, you just call the other system’s API and populate your dummy fields to show the values on screen.

Hello, I did every step but it’s not working. Do you know if its only available in suitecrm 7 and not in suitecrm 8 ?