Need to change folder right anytime a user change his layout

hi -
Anytime I change my user layout for example (1 user only now, as I am making test before going to prod), the display is basic text html (white page, options as text on the left with link).

Randomly I ran chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload , and then the display is correct. If I change the layout again, I need to throw this command again.

Anyone has a hint on how to fix this?
Thank you

Hi @saint42
You can check information about permissions here:

Hi @saint42,

Could you do two things, ensure you have run the permissions as mentioned in @p.konetskiy message.

Secondly, check the file permissions and dir permissions found within config.php and tell us what they are set to?

I have done this but as I said, anytime something happen (for example I just uploaded a logo), I need to re-apply all the permissions. I did not check what are the permissions of the new files though. It might be a system setting rather than this?

Looking for the words permissions, that’s what I found:

  'default_permissions' =>
  array (
    'dir_mode' => 1528,
    'file_mode' => 493,
    'user' => '',
    'group' => '',

Which do you have permission before command chmod?

Your problem is probably ownership, not permissions (the chown, not the chmod). You must use the user name that your web server is running under.

Also make sure you didn’t set up your cron jobs running as root, this would break your installation every minute.

You can read about this here

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