Need to align radio button horizontally.

I have a requirement about radio button which is coming vertically in the edit view page. can we align them horizontally in edit view as well as create a view.

Sorry, when you make two-line questions that would take 300 lines to answer, nobody has the time for that…

If you can please express what you tried and which difficulty you’re running to, and follow this

Sorry for this.
Let me explain to you.
I have created a radio type field from the studio for my custom module. I have placed that field in the edit view layout.
When I see my module create form. Radio type field is coming vertically align in the form. Can we align them horizontally in the create form?
This is a requirement which I want to achieve.

I am using Suite CRM Version 7.7.6.
PHP version 5.5

You can try using your browser’s Inspector window to determine which CSS style is causing this, and try a CSS edit (from the browser, just as a proof of concept).

Once you find that I can try helping you find where you can set that in the code. Often it is not easy to get the original bit of CSS…

Which theme are you using?

Hey @pgr, I am also facing the same issue. attaching Screenshot of edit view form.

Please start your own thread, tell us your versions of the software and stack, and explain with more detail what you did, and what you’re trying to achieve.