Need Some Help with Bounced Email Handling

I have read both the SuiteCRM docs, Sugar docs, and searched the forums around bounced email accounts and bounced email handling and I am apparently still very confused because it doesn’t seem to do anything.

For example, we have a campaign that sends emails using the address It sends an email to an invalid email. We receive an undeliverable notice to

The CRM docs state,

I presume that this means when you set the bounce account, crm will monitor it for bounces and mark the related entries in crm as invalid.

Since bounced mail notifications do not get sent to the bounce account by default, I setup a rule to move undeliverable notifications received in to which I have set as the campaign bounce account. However, when the bounce handler job runs it does not seem to do anything. No related records in crm have their email marked as invalid and all of the undeliverable notifications remain in the bounce account.

I am not sure what the expected behavior is for bounce accounts and handling. Would someone be so kind as to explain it?


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Hi gunnerman,

First of all whenever you set-up a bounce handling email setup for campaign you will get notified when emails will not get delivered.

But you are saying it is not working, below I am sharing some scenarios why may be its not working.

  1. While Setup of bounce handling fill the Reply to address field with that email address on which you want to get notified.
  2. Run Nightly Process Bounced Campaign Emails job As often as possible(1 minute).

Please follow this link for further understanding.


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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I am still confused.

You say,

Ok, for our particular use case we don’t want to change the reply-to field because we want recipients to be able to email us back easily. Thus, all of the system generated bounce messages get sent to that inbox.

So I don’t really need any CRM system to notify me of the bounce. I was hoping that what it did was auto mark the bounced records as invalid in CRM. Is this something that must be done manually?

I was hoping that what it did was auto mark the bounced records as invalid in CRM. Is this something that must be done manually? = NO

You can do one thing !!!

Go to the status of campaign then you will be able to see bounce records, create a suppression list type target list for them next time they won’t be receiving any email from your campaign.

For smart email campaign you can use our product

Or you can create a workflow to mark bounce email address status as invalid


I don’t know how to see the bounced email list. All it shows is an unclickable horizontal bar graph displaying the number of sent, bounced, viewed, and unsubscribed emails.

Hi gunnerman,
Is this still unsolved problem for you?
Did you found a suitable solution?