Need some help to debug browser and button issues

SuiteCRM 7.9.4

I’ve been holding off updating as I have to check the menu customizations that I made because the update wizard has been throwing warnings.

Over the past few days both the update of desktop Chrome 63.0.3239.108 and desktop Firefox 57.0.1 are causing problems . I’m not able to access SuiteCRM properly. But I can login and run everything OK using Chrome 63.0.3239.107 on my Android tablet.

Issues: (1) The dashboard never displays. I get the spinning icon. The page never loads.

(2) I can use the menus and get to contacts, accounts etc. but the buttons aren’t working. ie. I can select anything from the button dropdown menus. ie. can’t edit any existing contacts/ leads/etc. etc.

(3) since the buttons don’t work, I can’t run the update wizard if I wanted to.

How do I go about debugging what happened that is causing these problems with the desktop browsers?

Does it work for you in those browsers when you use the online demo?

Thanks for that. I didn’t know it was available.

I tried it and it does work OK in both FF and Chrome.

Damn. I was sure that was the problem.

(Scratches head …)

Any other suggestions to try are appreciated!

Why would the tablet Chrome be OK if the desktop version isn’t?

Try Chrome’s incognito mode to see if it makes a difference. It could be some add-on, or your anti-virus causing trouble.

Thank you @pgr for your help and suggestions.

Incognito seems to allowed a number of buttons to function but anything with a drop down or action other than cancel doesn’t seem to work. I can’t see a consist reason why it isn’t working.

I’m stumped.

may be it is not your problem but try to play with the zoom in/out
ctrl + zoom in
ctrol - zoom out
in our environement sometimes the buttons are not clickable under certain zoom factor
if the screen is small the global search is replaced by a magnifier button… *** and the screen readers does not even see the search textbox so my blind users are lost in that case. either the window is not maximized or the zoom is too high, hitting ctrl - will solve the issue.
May be it might help you…

A quick update.

I haven’t used SuiteCRM for about a week since I couldn’t login and edit anything and we just had Christmas vacation days.

Today I logged in to see if the problem went away as easily as it showed up in the first place.

Now it’s OK. No idea what changed.