Need some advise.. What to use for B2C?

Dear suites,

I am reading through the user manual of suiteCRM and see that most things are focussed on B2B. They say that Accounts is the highest level ‘contact’ in suiteCRM. As an example they mentioned accounts being the business, contacts being the contact person of that business.

How would I look at this as B2C? Import my customers as Accounts, or leave accounts empty and import them as contacts, or even as relations?

These are customers who have a subscription running and may call/email for any questions.

We’re dealing with both B2B and B2C and we are marking consumers as Accounts the same way as Businesses. Then we just add the same person as a contact too. If you are only going to serve consumers, you could probably ditch Contacts altogether (a little tweaking would probably be required, though), but you definitely can’t mix and match.

I’d personally use Accounts and Contacts even if we did only B2C: You might have multiple contacts for one customer (e.g. other family members, a neighbour who has the key etc. depending on what you do).

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SuiteCRM is perfectly fit for B2C, lots of people use it that way.

There’s really a lot of freedom in the way you can design your data and your processes.

I’ve written a bit about this, I’m not sure if it will help you

(don’t bother reading the parts about sub-accounts)