Need Reports for the SuiteCRM leads

Hi Team,

We would like to show 2 reports for each SalesRep.
i.e This report should be visible to all levels as well. Also, I need the flexibility to adjust the date range on these reports.

  1. Sales Rep A: 5 leads, 6 Shipping Label, 4 Send the watch, and 2 closed won
  2. Sales Rep B: 8 leads, 2 Shipping Label, 3 Send the watch, and 0 closed won

How can we acheive that?
We have already added a dashlets . Please advice.

What is “shipping label” and “send the watch” are these lead status?

Are you looking for a detail report by status? or a count of leads in the status?

Hi, thanks for the reply…
Yes they are lead status…
We need reports based on 2 sales rep and along with date ranges.