Need report results with comaseparation

I use the report modul a lot. But I have issue when I get results from a dropdown list. The result is separated with an arrow. That makes it hard to work with the result in an excelsheet etc. Is there a solution to get results with comaseparetion insteed?

Anyone who can help?


Can you please also post a screenshot of the original field, in the edit view? I want to see what the users see when they are filling that field (not in the report).

I am wondering if this is a multi-select field. Also tell me if you have some add-on for this kind of fields. Thanks

Thansk for digging into this :cheer:
Yes it is a multi-select field and I have no add for this field.
Se attached screenshot as asked for, Thansk

Can you also attach a small CSV with just a couple of exported records that have that sort of field?

I’d like to see exactly which character is getting generated in the CSV.

Great, se attachment. It is a csv so I had to Zip it.

That’s just a simple line-feed character (code 10 ascii)

I tried to find the place in the code where that is created, but I couldn’t find it, sorry.

Maybe you can just use a formula to change that when you get to Excel.

For example, if the value is in cell A2, just add a formula somewhere saying


Ok, thanks for trying :slight_smile: