Need help with timed workflow

Hello. I have a workflow which is supposed to send an email X days before a contract renewal date. The renewal date depends on the renewal days field which can be set in the record. So, if you enter 30 in the renewal days, the renewal date is set to 30 days before the end date. A before save logic hooks sets the renewal date whenever the record is modified and the renewal days field is changed.

The workflow should send an email X days before the renewal date as a reminder to renew. So in my condition, I have something like “Renewal Date less than or equal to Now + 7 days.” I have this set to run on all records but this doesn’t work. What does send out email is when I have something like Now - 7 days but it emails no matter what the renewal date is set to. It should only send an email within 7 days of the renewal date. Sounds simple enough but I can’t seem to get it to work. Would appreciate any help, thanks.

Didn’t get any response here but somehow it seems to be working now. I upgraded to 7.3 and did a rebuild. Not sure if that did it but some testing shows it’s working.

Can u share the ss of your workflow pls.