Need help with roles and security group


I am performing a migration from Vtiger to SuiteCRM.

I have some trouble to understand the way the roles system and security group work compared to the one i already have in Vtiger. I searched on the web but i could not find anything precise to understand how to recreate my architecture of Vtiger in SuiteCRM.

Exactly what i want to do is :

|-Comercial director
| |
| |-- head of sales
| | |-- Sales Engineer
| |
| |-- Sales Assistant
|-Technical director
| |
| |–Development team
| |
| |-- Technical team
| |
| |-- Technical Sales Engineer

I think the main problem is I’m still thinking it the way of Vtiger and not SuiteCRM, so the other information is I got multiple technical team, and multiple commercial team in different locations.

So I used the roles to give users permission, and the group in vtiger to regroup the different team’s members.

Thank you for your help.

Just, this days I’m starting to design a solid organization of my SuiteCRM with security groups and roles.

As far as I know, the roles are independents of the groups. With a role, you can decide what actions can do an user: create, edit, delete, export, etc. With a security group, you can decide to wich registers the user can access and do the previously designated roles.

Hope can help you

Hi Speedcomm,

When your talking of register you want to say modules, or it is more complexe ?

No. Apologize for my inaccurate explanation.

Register is, for example, one account, one lead, one prospect, etc. If one member of your team only must be to see the accounts from one industry type. You first create a security group for this member. Second filter the accounts by this industry and then does a massive security group update assigning the security group created. Automatically, the member can view these accounts, but not the others.

A lot of caution with all concepts around heritages. When you assign the security group to all members too. You must be mark this group how non-heritable. Because if one of this members create a new register, for example a new account, automatically this account will heritage all security groups from the member.

Apologizes for my english.

This will help you get started:

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i have the same kind of issue but the sugaroutfitters typical setup talks about

  1. Assign the Owner Only role to the East Sales and West Sales groups

on setting up roles

but i am not getting security group sub panel when i am in roles. Only user sub panel is appearing. How to bring the security group sub panel in Roles?

When you are in “Admin / Role Management” you just create the Role and edit its options for each module.

Then you go into “Admin / Security Suite Group Management”, add a Group, click on it (go into the Detail view, not the Edit view!) there should be two subpanels, one called “Users” and the other “Roles”. This last one is where you assign the role to the group.

Thanks, i found the reason. i made “Security Suite Group Management” to be hidden in sub panel. admin->Display Modules and Subpanels (under developer tool) did the trick. i made it visible and it is showing in Roles as subpanel.

your method of Security Suite Group Management also worked for me. thanks

i have one more question:

i have created a new module, and the default Security group is automatically attaching, but i want to remove the default security group and change it to different one. in my new module, Security Group is not showing as sub panel. In list view of this module i can only assign new Security Group, i cannot remove the existing one. Only way i found was going to phpMyAdmin (in mysql DB) and delete all reference to my new module in table “securitygroups_records”. is there a way this can be removed from List view?

Forget it!! found the “remove” button next to “assign” button.