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Need Help with Installation SuiteCRM 8.1.2

I tried multiple versions (8.1.2, 8.0.4, 8.0.1, 7.12.6)/installations of SuiteCRM and still can’t make it work.
Environment: Windows 10, Apache/2.4.41 (Win64), MySQL 5.7.38, PHP 7.4.11.
All required php modules are enabled.
Installation went without any problem. Although there are some error messages in the logs:
2022-06-21 01:24:03…ERROR: Cannot create writable dir cache/upload/import
Mon Jun 20 21:24:33 2022 [12836][1][FATAL] User update error: Temp User is not retrieved at ID 1, boolean given
Mon Jun 20 21:24:33 2022 [12836][1][FATAL] Email address save error
Mon Jun 20 21:25:33 2022 [12836][1][SECURITY] Invalid ext logger_file_ext : ‘’.
Mon Jun 20 21:25:33 2022 [12836][1][SECURITY] Setting logger_file_ext to ‘.log’.
Mon Jun 20 21:25:33 2022 [12836][1][SECURITY] Setting logger_file_name to ‘’.
Mon Jun 20 21:25:33 2022 [12836][1][SECURITY] Log file extension can’t be blank.

1st login right after: Error occurred while fetching metadata
Page refresh: 500 Internal Server Error

Please suggest what can be done to fix it. Thanks a lot!

While I cannot specifically help you with your problem, I’d like to offer you something from my own experience. Given this is your first post I presume you are new to SuiteCRM.

In the past I have also tried using WAMP as a SuiteCRM / SugarCRM solution, but there were many hurdles and I was never able to get things working 100% correctly.

Being stuck on a corporate MS Server 2012 platform in the end I found moving to a clean IIS based installation resolved a lot of problems, and I have now been running SuiteCRM 7 on IIS for over a decade. There was a significant learning curve, really I had to spend more time learning IIS than SuiteCRM, and I still have to act very cautiously not to break what I have while upgrading or adding new features.

Most support on here, much of it very good, will be coming from Linux based users.

So, if you are new to SuiteCRM, or if you are not confident in MS based web servers, permissions and control lists, you may save yourself a lot of headache but starting fresh on a Linux VM and leveraging the advice experienced users on this group can offer you.

If I were to start afresh today, I’d start on Linux, it is just a thought.

I definitely agree with the answer above.

You can also run SuiteCRM on Ubuntu-inside-Windows-10 using WSL, I’ve been doing this and for a development or test server with SuiteCRM v7 it’s fine. For production, I would worry a bit about performance, that’s all.

I didn’t test with v8 on WSL.

Hi and thank you both [justinh] and [pgr] for the replies. It is a matter of convenience - I have an environment already running Drupal, Moodle and Wordpress, I istalled SugarCRM a few times in the past with no problems and some other open source PHP webservers. And with the SuiteCRM after some troubling experience and reading forum posts I am siding with [blobfish], who asked if “is there an absolute tank version of suiteCRM that will work no matter what.”

Hi [pgr], read one of your articles and decided to try ubuntu in WSL. Will let you know of results, thanks.

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