Need help organising my suiteCRM (accounts, contacts, products, info)

Hi everybody!

It’s me again, and I need some help with organising my suiteCRM this time round.

First thing I require assistance with is organising accounts. I plan to have my suiteCRM set up for several companies, and I was going to have every company on their own account. For instance, let’s say I have “Store X” and “Restaurant Y”, is it okay to have those split into two accounts, or is there a better, more elegant way of doing this?
I also need to have every contact able to belong to several companies, and I plan on adding a new field in the contact’s information which will be based on the account (more on this later on).

So, my first question is, how to seperate the companies my suiteCRM is set up for.

Moving on, I have a question about products. I can’t seem to understand how the products work in suiteCRM for some reason. What I wish to do for a company is, have all available products inside the suiteCRM, and being able to match them to the contacts as orders / purchases. Lets say contact A calls my company to purchase product X. I want to be able to create the order inside the suiteCRM. So, I want to match the product X to contact A, and this purchase should be visible in the information log of the contact A.

Any information on how to manage products and link them to contacts would be MUCH appreciated, as I am really lost in this field. I just don’t seem to be able to understand the methodology behind this.

Last but not least, I wish to add a new field to the contacts’ information panel. The field would be RFM, which stands for Recency-Frequency-Monetary, and is a way of telling which customers are the best ones. As RFM is a wide known methodology I suspect many of you have already added certain features related to RFM into your CRM systems, and I was wondering if you could share your thoughts on how to do it…

So what I need about the RFM is, create a new table that would have information for Recency, Frequency and Monetary for every contact, for every account (company). Based on these 3 points (each ranging from 1 to 33) I would create a new field RFM total which would have values 3-99 and would tell me how good a customer is. But I have absolutely no idea how to add a new field, and implement it so it can match certain contact’s other fields (the RFM points would be assigned to a contact based on a simple calculation of how many products, of what worth they have recently bought - this is also why I need the products in the CRM).

If anybody could give me any help at all, it would be much appreciated.

Anything from a simple explanation on how something works, to a detailed step by step guide on how to set up one of the features I require would be very, very helpful and informative.

I am very grateful for any and all feedback on this matter. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for taking your time,
kind regards,

sorry not understand all (french) and too my knowledge.

Store X and Restaurant are for me 2 record in Account Module. Billing Adress, Shipping Adress and many other field for sample is different for these 2 account.
I think you dont speak about “Security Suite”. Who will use SuiteCRM, User from same society ?
Account to Contact relationship is a Many2Many, then a contact can have multiple account.

For product i can’t help, i dont use it.

For field RFM, you can create this with Sudio in Admin section. Juste create a Numeric Value. But here, need more information because :

  • this RFM is for Account module or Contact Module ?
  • these RFM is just a simple numeric value, never change or a little ?
  • if contact, the value is same for a contact with many account !! For sample if Contact A work for Store X and Restaurant Y , the RFM value is same for these 2 accounts. Then for different value, you must create these field by hand {skill required, can’t be done with Studio} , in the relationship table accounts_contacts.
  • if is for Account, it can be done with Studio.


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Hi TopGun,

Did you work out how to link products to contacts?