Need Help accessing SuiteCRM instance

Hi Everyone, I’m new to SuiteCRM. My company has application running but our wordpress VM has been deleted which was used to interface with the SuiteCRM server. I was wondering if anyone could provide assistance on what is needed to re-establish a connection to the SuiteCRM.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

If you have access to your server, try to access directly.

I can access the server but the login is a re-direct to WordPress plugin.
any way to change it back to native login?

Ideally, you want to gain ssh access (or equivalent) to the database behind the suiteCRM instance as an administrator. Note that this is different to being able to access the SuiteCRM login webpage.

Once you have access, you can get the database credentials from the config.php file, and change the access method directly from within the database.

If you can’t do that, then you may need to clone the system containing the SuiteCRM instance, and mount that instance on a secondary system in order to extract the necessary information from it and rebuild from scratch.

The 3rd most ‘fiddly’ approach is to change the DNS for your WP instance and recreate that setup in the new location pointed to by your DNS.

Hi There,
We have SSH access to the VM where suiteCRM is installed, we also have database access to the AWS RDS instance. We’ve been able to install wordpress and SuiteCRM plugin on a separate VM, but not sure if it is the correct plugin that was used before. We do not have SuiteCRM admin password. If you can direct to any documentation on this type of config it would be much appreciated.
Thank you for your help.

Once ssh’d into a console on the VM, you need to login to the database. The database credentials can be found in the file in the web root for SuiteCRM.

You then need to run the following query:
UPDATE users SET user_hash = ‘$2y$10$ua6PicOvqyYMKgOR6gzFcub.Z5s40j6moWRH4oaO.Ef667lz.nb0m’ WHERE user_name = ‘admin’;

…and this will reset the Admin password to ‘Password123’ - obviously without the quotes’’. Again, obviously change the password as soon as possible…or if you want a more exciting password…such as:


You could hash the password yourself or set up a temporary local SuiteCRM instance in order to create a valid hash :slight_smile:

Once done you should be able to login as admin…although we may have to work out what authentication plugin you’re using if there’s something else happening on the login hooks.

attempting to set up local crm instance but getting
Composer autoloader not found. please run “composer install”

is there any way to disable the wordpress authentication and re-direct authentication to the SuiteCRM server? for example. How do we access the admin console once password is changed? it’s currently a redirect to the wordpress which has been deleted (no backup available)

can we change the login hooks since wordpress is gone we have no way to access through this method

Are you using the installation package, or did you just grab the repository from git?

The package contains git files + vendor directory. If you get the files directly form git you must build the vendor directory yourself with composer install --no-dev

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Question: As i mentioned on my previous reply. Do you have direct access to the server, meaning


Because based on what you mentioned. The Wordpress plugin was the previous way to access SuiteCRM but it doesn’t mean that it was the only way…



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Thanks this is what I was looking for , how do we determine what is value for “MySuiteCRMInstance”

I’m getting 404 not found

Check folders /var/www or /home/USER/www and see if a folder with the SuiteCRM files exits there. If true, let say the folder is called helloSuiteCRM then try to access by entering

http://ServerIP/helloSuiteCRM or



thanks , I found the folder but still getting nginx 404 error.

I’m working on deploying secondary CRM instance. in lab environment. Need to move it into production. Would we be able to retrieve data by connecting new CRM to old DB with the old admin account?
We’ll reset the admin password if we cannot get the old PW

It is possible to just clone a DB and the web root, and copy over to another server. The simplest way is to get your admin login on the current server and run the backup process in the Admin->Backups.

Hi All.
We were able to clone the database and connect a newsuite CRM instance to the database. There seems to be a custom module that is not visible on the subpanel. I was able to find the module installer file and it was processed through the module installer, and module menu filters, but it’s still not showing on the sub panel.
Can anyone provide a suggestion why this module might not be loading?
Thanks in advance.

Edit: We were able to load the module into the subpanel but it is not displaying any Data.

Start off by looking through your suitecrm.log files

Possible issues might be:

  1. Unsupported php version requirements
  2. Unsupported database requirements
  3. Incorrect file permissions
  4. Missing dependencies
  5. Different version of suitecrm to the one that you extracted data from

might be helpful.

We were able to load the module and create a relationship which loads to the subpanel. The module appears to be linked but it is not showing all the fields when we navigate to one of the records. When we open module builder and edit the fields they are showing but don’t seem to be applying to the form.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Can you add the fields to the views from Studio?