Need drag and drop option to task module same as meetings and calls in calendar display page

In Calendar display page there is the option for drag and resize for meetings and calls I need the same option in the task so please anyone can help me with these

help me with these topic

You can start with:

  1. change the file jssource/src_files/modules/Calendar/Cal.js


if (element.module_name != "Meetings" && element.module_name != "Calls") {


if (element.module_name != "Meetings" && element.module_name != "Calls" && element.module_name != "Tasks") {
  1. In admin make: “Rebuild JS Compressed Files” and " Rebuild Minified JS Files"
  2. Add control for Tasks module in file modules/Calendar/controller.php functions:
  • “action_reschedule”
  • “action_resize”

I think that will be good if you add fields “duration_hours” and “duration_minutes” to module Tasks.


Thank you, bro, its working you made my day … :star_struck: