Need a solution to setup Roles and Groups

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There is the following scenario which I need to implement

  1. Senior Manager

  2. Associate Manager

  3. Team Leader

  4. Sales Person

  5. Senior Manager can view all records + Associate Manager, Team Leader and Sales person.

  6. Associate Manager can view only his record + Manager, Team Leader and Sales person records but not to view Senior Manager records.

  7. Team Leader can view only his record + Sales person records but not to view Associate Manager, Senior Manager records.

  8. Sales person can view only his record but not to view Team Leader, Associate Manager, Senior Manager records.

Thanks in advance! Please guide me to achieve the above scenario.

I’ve not yet done this myself (still in the testing stages), but this looks to be a pretty standard deployment of the Users, Groups, Roles as per the SuiteCRM documentation.

HI @HiltonT,

Thank you,
Is there any alternative solution to achieve the scenario.

If it is a built in feature, why would you need to look for an alternative solution?

I’d suggest having a read of Roles and Security Groups :: SuiteCRM Documentation which covers what you’re looking at, from what I understand.

Roles/Security Groups not doing anything - SuiteCRM Forum - English Language / SuiteCRM General Discussion - SuiteCRM also covers what you’re looking at…

HI Thank you,

I have tried the document, but cant able to achieve in my scenario.

Created as Group 1:
salesperson 1(owner role)
Team Leader1(group role)
Associate Manager 1 (group role)
Senior Manager 1 (group role)

in group 1 i have created a 1 set of users as sales person 1, team leader 1, Associate Manager 1,Senior Manager 1.

Like wise i have created for my scenario, Is any wrong on creation and mapping.

Did you assign the records to the groups? Normally people just assign users to groups and forget to assign the records.

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HI @pgr ,

Yes! Assigned, but my scenario is not able to view the records of upwards and can able to view records top to down.

These things are complex and involve a bit of trial and error to get right. From what you write I can’t really get any idea of what is going on.

HI All,

Thanks for your replies on the query, Finally I have achieved the hierarchy concept.

Through creating the multiple groups and marking the primary group and not inheritable method.

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