Navigation Buttons Not Working for Leads List View Section

I’ve got a sample list of about 200 leads. It’s set to show 50 leads at a time. If I’m on the 1st page (1-50) and click the NEXT or End button they work fine. However, PREVIOUS and START simply refresh the current page. This is a brand new installation using the latest version. As of now it’s stuck on the 2nd page. I’ve tried the repair feature and that didn’t fix the problem. Also tried Firefox since I normally use Chrome. No help there. Clearing cache, cookies no dice.

Has anybody else experienced this issue before and know what might be causing the problem and how to fix it?


Do you have any errors in your logs, or in the borwser’s developer console?

Can you try it on the live demo, to see if the problem is just in your system?

Is this SuiteCRM version 7.10.7?

It appears it’s just my system since the demo version worked fine. I’m using 7.10.7 installed on a subdomain courtesy of NameCheap.

I didn’t see anything in the log or developer console to indicate a problem.

Perhaps there’s a setting I messed up or do you think it could be something else?

If I delete the first page of data. 20 leads in my case the system does delete the records and start me off at pg 1 allowing me to go to the 2nd page or end. But then the same problem crops up about not being able to go back.


I just installed the same version of SuiteCRM on another subdomain using a different website. The navigation works perfectly with the sample data of 300 leads.

I’m not sure what happened with the main system at this juncture.

On the system with the errors, you can try a few repairs from Admin / Repair

  • QR & R
  • anything related to Javascript

I have similar issue, how did you fix this sir? I tried repairing everything including the JS Repairs but it doesn’t work