MYSQL Version 8.0 or 5.5. version

Hello, could you help me please with this question, we can use mysql verison 8.0 or we can only use previous MySQL versions 5.7 or 5.5 ; and the next question please is how many CRM WEB APP servers in a productive environment SUITE CRM recommend or suggest to use for 800 concurrent people in our company. thnak you so much, Kind Regards Edison Umaña

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About the first part, check here

About the second part, I don’t know, maybe somebody else can answer…

Thank you, so it´s mean tha only we can use Mysql 5.7 instead mysql 8.0, ?

Mysql 5.7 instead mysql 8.0

yep, with mysql 8 you will encounter multiple failed queries, use all components as described in the matrix.

… and keep an eye here

you can also post there stating reasons why this is important to you.