MySQL Query runs with no errors, but doesn't actually update the Database

I’m running SuiteCRM 7.5.1

I have a logic hook that fires for a custom module and when I go to check the log, the query shows an execution time and appears to run, but the database doesn’t actually get updated.

I took this same query right out of the suitecrm.log file and then ran the query in Navicat, and… it updated fine with no problems.

I have already tried it with all backticks, no backticks, some backticks (around the column and table names)… I’m not using any reserved words though. No sub-selects. So at this point I’m wanting to chalk it up to a MySQL version difference between Navicat and SuiteCRM, or something in SuiteCRM isn’t working right.


UPDATE `my_database`.`p_policies_cstm`
LEFT OUTER JOIN r_raises_p_policies_1_c ON p_policies_cstm.id_c = r_raises_p_policies_1_c.r_raises_p_policies_1p_policies_idb
LEFT OUTER JOIN r_raises_cstm ON r_raises_cstm.id_c = r_raises_p_policies_1_c.r_raises_p_policies_1r_raises_ida
SET factor_c = '1.00', client_ppp_c = '1,529,987.76'
WHERE r_raises_p_policies_1_c.r_raises_p_policies_1p_policies_idb = 'e1570120-56e0-5d75-8ab7-574f2ef83a5b'