MySQL PHP code is deprecated, causing errors in various places, upgrade to PDO or mysqli?

With the installation of PHP 5.5, the MySQL PHP “connect” code is no longer supported. It seems to be causing me some problems; I’m trying to import a lot of data from some other software so I can start using SuiteCRM. While troubleshooting, the first correlation I found was the warning about the database connect code was causing a warning.

The “bad” solution is to ignore “deprecated” warnings, and the authors of mysqli and PDO both say that their solutions are better than the other. Does the community have a path forward (PDO? mysqli? roll-our-own?) or are we just going to let the software stop working as more and more people upgrade to PHP 5.5?

Hi there,

We are and will be working on improving the compatibility of SuiteCRM with PHP 5.4/5.5.

Thanks for highlighting these issues.