MySQL Password Update: Very Critical

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For some reason, I had to update the MySQL password and now I am unable to access my SuiteCRM application, is there any way to achieve it?

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The question is not Clear. Anyhow i try to answer.
You can add this new password to SuiteCRM config file DB CONFIG array index.
If you are using Linux, and you are on a Lamp Stack, then you can do it either by command line

or by files

Hopefully this will help you.


Actually, I was using “suite” as my password, but I have got requirement to add a new DB name sales1, so I was giving privileges to the new DB via following command:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES sales1.* to ‘root’@‘localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘suite’;

But this time system denied as password was not fulfilling the policy, so I put it

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES sales1.* to ‘root’@‘localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘Suite@’;

It accepted this time, but my old SuiteCRM, who was accessing the old DB and old password i.e suite, it stopped working.

This was the scenario, now I am not able to access my application, nor I am able to change my password to the old one, as it doesn’t satisfy the password policy.

Where can I add this new password to SuiteCRM config file DB CONFIG array index? Could you please share the exact path?


root directory of SuiteCRM/config.php

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It worked, thanks a lot for the help.

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I am stuck with some other issue, and you might help me on this:
I need to calculate the Estimated Opportunity amount based on the products under that Oppty. Suppose I have to create an Opportunity with 2 products:

Product A Value: 100 Quantity 1
Product B Value: 100 Quantity 8

So I need an extra field, which calculate the Estimated Oppty value, like in this case it’ll be: 900.

How can I achieve this?
(Note: Product is my Subpanel under the Opportunity)

You want to show this field in Which Module??
In opportunity or in Product??

It’ll work anywhere.
But if it’ll display in Oppty, then it’d be awesome

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I have sent couple of invitation to you on SKYPE and it is still showing as Pending. I am using SKYPE for Business, could this be the reason?

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Rachit Sinha

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I have changed the mysql password. I’ve replaced the new password in suitecrm/.env.local and suitecrm/public/legacy/config.php and suitecrm/public/legacy/config_si.php (SuiteCRM 8).

Now i can login through suitecr/public/legacy/index.php but not through the main login page. the legacy login does not show the header and keeps login out.

Any ideas what might be happening?

Try to find any other .env files, there might be more, and your system might be using a different one than you thought