MySQL "optimize table"

Should I be running “OPTIMIZE TABLE” occasionally on SuiteCRM tables?

We need an answer from a MySQL guy. I am really interested in this.

please, read this blog post is old but gold, also read the comments, they’re important too…

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Mikebeck strikes again! I love you mike!

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I was reading Jim Mackin’s book “SuiteCRM for Developers” and he has a small advice about MySQL optimisation.

[quote=“Jim Mackin - SuiteCRM for Developers - page 101” ]
MySQL is notorious for having small default settings. Fully optimising MySQL is outside the scope of this book (however checkout for a helpful Perl script which will provide setting recommendations - note that you should be careful when running files from an unknown source). One small change that can make a big difference is increasing the innodb_buffer_pool_size.

If you have migrated or imported a significant amount of data it is possible that some tables will be fragmented. Running OPTIMIZE TABLE tablename can increase performance.