MySQL error 1146: Table 'sugarcrm.aod_index' doesn't exist

I just migrated over from sugarcrm. After I ran the installation, I did a Quick Repair and Rebuild. I also ran Rebuild Relationships.

Everything looks good, seemed flawless.

I then attempted to search for a contact using the global search and received the following message:

So I checked the error log:

Of course, I checked the database and this table is not present.

I will point out that since I upgraded to sugarcrm 6.5.x, i lost the ability to search for contacts using the global search. No matter what I put in the search, it always pulled all of the contacts in the system.

Any help - much appreciated!!

Hi there,

When you run a Quick Repair & Rebuild, you need to scroll to the footer of the page and Execute any changes.