mysql database sync

what is the best way to setup an automated synchronize between fields on my Suitecrm contacts and Wordpress contacts fields?

I think there are add-ons for this on the SuiteCRM Store.

Apart from those (which will cost you money), you could

  • have Wordpress call the SuiteCRM API whenever something on their side, to communicate the changes to SuiteCRM

  • have a SuiteCRM after_save logic_hook call some Wordpress API (assuming there is one) to have them update their data whenever something is updated on our side

There is also a simpler, more end-user-friendly way of achieving a partial one-way integration which is the “Web-to-Person forms”:

this allows the easy creation of forms on some website that register new records (Leads, Contacts, etc) in SuiteCRM.

I am so sorry i am not getting your point. Do you have also developed a CONTACTS module into WordPress??
Please explain it more.

@pgr, he is saying something like syncing “FIELDS”, not the values. If i am correct

what I need to happen is when a specific contact’s information is either updated or a new contact is created in either SuitCRM or Wordpress the 2 databases having the same contact fields are updated.
End result must be the same contacts in both Wordpress and Suitcrm.
Hope its more clear.

Oh ok. Got it.
Then it is simple. You need to write 2 way API code. 1 at WordPress side and second at suitecrm side like @pgr has mentioned in his post.

Thanks for the help, been looking around at API tools but a bit lost, any suggestions for a beginner?