MySQL database size limit reached

I am using SuiteCRM for more than a year now and it serves me well. However the database grew to 1.04 GB while my hosting server limit for databases is 1 GB.
Hosting service provider don’t want to hear about raising a limit. I’m not even sure if he can do this on per database level.
I have already pruned soft deleted records from tables - it shrinked the database for close to 0 bytes.

What are my options to detour this limitation? Please don’t tell me to move to a new server. I already know about this solution and don’t like it at all. I’d save this option for the LAST resort.
Can I split a database into two databases?

Sorry, in my mind, that is the only viable option (even if you reduce the db size now, the problem is just getting postponed).

Have you tried running the first query in this post?

Just to make sure you’re really trimming what needs to be trimmed.

And there’s also pruning the relationship records of deleted records.

@roberz if you did any MySQL records deletion - it has a habit of not releasing the saved space back to the OS. Maybe that is why you saw 0 bytes change?

The mySQL command Optimize does that- and will make the files smaller on disk.

Have you looked at the STATUS command too - it tells you per table how much space is ‘free’ -which is what is freed by Optimize:
_- MySQL :: MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual :: SHOW TABLE STATUS Statement

Some people say that using email in SuiteCRM can use alot of space? Do your users do that? (also plain file space in the upload/ directory - eg small logo files people put in email signatures, end up being saved individually too)

If anyone face the same problem in the future - here is what I did:
I have tried what @crmspace, @pgr and @DJuser have proposed but it didn’t helped. My problem was database limit imposed by my hosting provider. He has several packets for hosting and was not interested to help me. He just offered me bigger hosting package. Since I have fixed IP at home and proper firewall I get some old PC, installed Linux, SuiteCRM and pumped database from old to new SuiteCRM. The process was far from smooth and is not yet finished 100% but it looks like it will finish successfully.
Thanks everyone who posted in here.

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