My strong and Deep Feedback for All

I never get the proper solution from this SuiteCRM group community. Administration also not looking after it, no one here to help others.
All busy in their business motivation to earn Bucks. Alway there is an issue in suiteCRM from setup to correct output and on the way i didnt see any study material or good stuff that can be found on internet. All business, NO tutorial or study material available on internet of SuiteCRM, if we have all this things on internet then there will be very less questions that will be raise on this group community forum.

#This is just my positive feedback

Hi Raj,

Thank you for the feedback. This has been noted.

In the mean while you could look on the wiki as that holds all our documentation

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I’m not a SalesAgility worker, just an user on my own life… but and also helping others.
Maybe I could to not reply to your feedback but then you would consider it as “no own care” or “all agree with we”.
So lets clear it up (and loose some time from my own work).

[quote=“raj143” post=38739]Administration also not looking after it, no one here to help others.
1- Don’t be so hard on other users only because they (we) are not helping you on some peculiar requests.
Nowhere in the internet you will get a personal tech guy to work for you and solve issues for free when you want them to be solved.
Communities do help each other, is not the place that not one help other. It’s a place to share.
Sometimes you give, sometimes you get. Sometimes its when you need, sometimes you don’t get that in time.
It’s not YOU or ME, its US.

2- SalesAgility is a company that has its own money to earn. You don’t pay them.
They just release a software “openSource”. They do not have any obligation to make it work for you or to answer your questions.
The software works for them and they release the code.
If you can live with that, fine. If not there are commercial solutions for your needs.
Salesagility had created a community of users, setting up a place and tools for users so they have a place to share and work together
Actually the software works, has flaws, some has been solved, other users do collaborate in forum, Salesagility has provided some help.
In turn they get code/bug revisions and translations by users for free.

[quote=“raj143” post=38739]All busy in their business motivation to earn Bucks.
3- There are 532 users translating SuiteCRM for free here:
Hope you are also working there as I assume you are not a native english user.
I’m managing it, so did that count as help others?

[quote=“raj143” post=38739]I never get the proper solution from this SuiteCRM group community.
4- You posted 26 messages in 9 different topics in 4 days! You had posted duplicated questions. Why?!
Actually you had several replies. You requested some advanced things to work and some that are basic things and so they are bugs (2 of them already solved in the next version to be released, as stated in the replies you got).
I would estimate it would require more then 6 hours to reply to all of them (some could require coding or to look in detail to your host… so that time could never be enough to get proper solutions)
Do you expect to get a free day work just for you? You could get that but never in real time. Also replies could arrive in the future but never tailored for you.
Now I found that you are using SuiteCRM 7.7.1. Really?!! I don’t even bother when people do not take the time to install the latest versions.

5- On guides not been there for all.
Its true, there isn’t a full guide available online. There are some online docs and there are books also! On the online guides:

6- Don’t get mad, but I need to work now!

See I know You may be a Senior member or admin or whatever.
Whatever i got i had shared here truely just dont get too much harsh.

horus68 replied:
4- You posted 26 messages in 9 different topics in 4 days! You had posted duplicated questions. Why?!

#please check its not 4 days i m here everyday from more than a month 30days with 15 different topics with 26 message.Definetly we should put duplicate, I post some query in duplicate somewhere so that i can get the proper answer from different people with correct approach. If suppose i get the solution then why should i put duplicate by wasting my valuable time.

horus68 replied:
6- Don’t get mad, but I need to work now!

#I am not mad here it was jsut my feedback, see this is a group discussion not debate room to bargain and we should not be harsh like that.
I am not here blaming anyone just shared my positive feedback as very few people provide the correct solution/approach and for this i alway remain thankful from heart.

@ horus68, I have all proper answer to all your good respective replies and i dont want to bargain for that.

#Anyway thanks for your valuable suggestion… Cheers

I see only and only one Administrator/Member trying and helping other’s all the time with his efforts. Its’s none other than Mr. Cameron and its really great for his guidance/approach for others.



I go completely with # horus68

This is a community and a solution can sometimes take a while.

If you want full attention by the operators, you only must purchase support. Then are all there for you.

I think none of us here can do everything - that’s why we help where we can.


I go completely with # Wieland
But i m not looking for immediate solution. I need people should be active for response no matter whether its correct/wrong approach but atleast do our best to resolve anyone’s issue. If we will purchase support then who will share their issue in this group community. Just think


I completely agree with horus68

I am not related to salesagility in any way other than being a user and caring for a really nice solution.
I do contribute as much as I can and I gave and received help from others.

I looked at your post and you are touching subject/modules that not all users are using, so far I could not help you on any of your posts.
The other factor is your setup, Linux,Windows? Mysql,MSSQL or other?
This is one thing to keep in mind…
I will jump at a post that have problem with Windows and MsSQL installation because I use this platform, I will be shy for helping other platform with very specific topics, or invoicing module which I do not use like invoicing.

I really do not think giving cold shoulder like this will help you much but I agree that your feeling is important (mostly for Salesagility).

Keep in mind that nothing prevents you from hiring their services…

If I see a post where I can help you, I will do my best… but I am not working for you, it is a community… helping each other on their availability/ strengh.

Kind regards