My open Tasks Dashlet not working v8.4 demo but working in v7 demo

The frame break issue was resolved but obviously nobody tested the actual dashlet. It still is unworkable in v8.x but seems to work in the v7 demo currently online. Here are two screenshots. I’m hoping it is just a typo somewhere in the module list or dashlet definition?

UPDATE: It appears that users with a UUID can add the MY OPEN TASKS dashlet and it works. The admin ID of “1” does not appear to work. Does anyone have any info to test this theory? Can I give the admin a UUID in the database without messing up the crm or is “1” hardcoded in places?

I wouldn’t advise changing that 1.

Not that you know more about what triggers the error, can you get more information from the logs?

There is a hotfix being reviewed that deals with this problem. The fix is one line but clearly these fixes take a lot of work and effort by the community. I applied the proposed fix and it works on my setup, see attachment showing my Open Tasks instantly appeared after the unpublished fix was applied on my test server.

There is a way for more people to help get involved in some of the smaller fixes using codespace and not having to bother with local test environments or test servers. I note phpbb started using codepsace on github this year (2023) to encourage more people to tackle problems and submit PRs. If someone published a similar procedure to spin up similar testing environment on Suitecrm github it would allow more casual users to get involved and start testing some of these issues and propose fixes. You get 60 hours free each month of github codespace virtual machines and you can sponsor development by donating resources. That’s a lot of free virtual machine testing for the community to work with.

Also, I note that the development team in phpbb uses unit testing (Travis CI?) to prevent going backwards when fixes are employed. They test the code nightly against every php and mysql version for compatibility as fixes are made. As a community, should we consider ways to help add to the testing environment so that everyone can see the level of accuracy each release achieves? Is code 60%, 80% 99.9% error free? I would definitely like to assist on the testing side and learn how to test all date functions, for example.

This is fabulous work being done on SuiteCRM and I think with this new github/codespace capability, we can probably enlist more people to participate. With extensive testing functions we might be able to focus on the areas that cause the most problems. It is a big task to code but pays off daily.

I didn’t know about those Github Codespaces, it sounds really nice and I’d love to try them.

There have been several initiatives with testing in the past, SuiteCRM is really hard to get good coverage. It seems that no matter how much you invest in tests, it’s always a long way from being fully covered. That said - having a bit of automated testing is better than nothing, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t continue down that path (with realism in our expectations).

But the real bottleneck here is not about the Community working on bugs and submitting bug reports. It’s about the maintainers processing and merging them. There are 365 open PR’s…

That includes 10 of my own, some of them would make my life answering forum threads a lot easier if they were merged. But they’ve been sitting there for over 3 years. This sends a very clear message to me, to stop working on new PR’s, and it’s not automated testing or codespaces that will solve that problem…

Does this fix help with your issue?

Yes, I applied that fix #214 and My Open Tasks Dashlet started working immediately V8.4

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