My Emails Dashlet Doesn't Show Any Emails

Hello Forum, My Emails Dashlet Doesn’t Show Any Data. How do I get Emails to show up there?

Do you have any emails? What is their status? Have you clicked the pencil icon to see what the search criteria is?

Yes, I have some test emails, they have sent status. I have clicked the pencil icon.
Log into my account and check it out:
User Name: admin
Password: pass
I am running MySQL version (5.1), It will be updated on 2/10/14.
I have attached images.

Hi Steals,

found this online might be a help.


Thanks Ian, it worked. Does the dashlet also show incoming Emails?

Hi Ian,

Do you have a link to the KINAMU Outlook Connector that’s live? Or can you post it?



Hello Community SuiteCRM. I appreciate that help us, I have a question weird, I can edit the “MyEmailsdashlet.php” for view the inbound email and not outbound email. Thanks

Regards from Peru