My Email - Dashlet

Hi There

Is there a My Emails Dashlet or Plugin that allows you to view your CRM email inbox on the homepage? In a Dashlet window

The current My Email Dashlet is more around Archived emails etc.


Hi Taufique,

By standard the email dashlet lists your latest emails and gives you the option to quick create to reply to those emails. Are you talking about a dashlet that would show the email module/include the same functionality as the email module, rather than list your emails?



My Emails Dashlet

My standard Dashlet shows nothing? But I have many emails in my inbox

When I click Edit on the Dashlet the options I have are based around Date Sent,assigned to me etc. - As I have 100’s of emails in my inbox and nothing in this Dashlet I assumed the Dashlet looks more into the Archived emails I have attached to Accounts, Contacts etc.

Please see images attached - (Image file rejected - Sent to Will by email)

Thanks again Will :wink:

Hi Taufique,

Seems those images haven’t attached, they may need to be .jpg. My dashlet shows my emails so this may be a configuration issue, or may well be a bug.



Have sent the images by email,

Where would the configuration need to take place?

In the Dashlet? In the Email Settings?


This email will be awesome I dont know how to configurate the dashlet so when I login I see an window with my incoming emails :cheer:


What was the final solution for it? I also face same issue.

I have the same issue but was able to tweek it. Still doesn’t work like I would like to, help would be appreciated. So I ralised that if I configue a Group mail, and after I use the ‘‘My email’’ dashlet, unselect my items only and choose no user. I get all the emails associated with the group mail I configured. If I try to see only my e-mails and choose my user, it goes back to 0.

I’ve noticed that if I consult an e-mail, it seems to be assigned to no one. I was thinking of creating a workflow that would assign the e-mail for example if it would be sent to me. but still didn’t figure that one out yet. Let me know what would be the best option, since the My emails dashlet would be very useful with the correct e-mails showing.