My do we have lead.opportunity_name field in database?

Why do we need a lead.opportunity_name field in lead table, while there is a lead.opportunity_id field and Opportunity table has a field?

I mean, when I want to know the name of the opportunity of a lead, I have two values that can be different:

  • lead.opportunity_name (the opportunity_name field of the lead)
  • (the name of the opportunity of the lead)

Since the relation is “opportunity => one to many” lead, so each lead can have 0 or 1 opportunity (the lead belongs to an opportunity), is that for storing the opportunity name before the actual opportunity is created?

Btw, can the ID of an opportunity be present if more that one record in the Lead table?

Opportunity Name is TEXT field that you want to associate with the Lead as a reference or at the time of nurturing the Lead, just like the Account Name. Opportunity ID is the ID of converted Opportunity that you create when Lead is converted.

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