Multisite options for multiple clients?

Is there a suitecrm addon that lets it run similar to wordpress multisites?

For example, a user registers for their own deployment and a new crm instance is created for them with its own database, admin capabilities, etc?

My use case:

We are building websites for independent financial advisors and a lot of them do not have a good crm solution. It would be ideal for us to integrate the website forms to submit right into suitecrm but have the ability for us to host the crm while giving them their own subdomain to log into so they can see their records, assign users/assistants to specific workflows or modules, manage their personal workflow, and have admin capabilities on our subdomain. We’ll host the crm and maintain it for them; that’s why I’m comparing it to Wordpress Multisite - with a central source powering all suitecrm instances.

Make sense? Do you know about any plugins that allow that or is it native to suitecrm and I haven’t discovered it yet?

Thank you!

After studying it a little more, I learned that it is called “multi-tenancy” versus “multi-instance”.

If I understand it correctly, then:

Multi-tenancy is the wordpress multisite model I referred to in the initial post, same core but separate database per site owner or independent business.

Multi-instance requires a whole new instance deployed for each site owner or independent business.

Are there any good addons that allow for “multi-tenancy”?

Or is there a recommended addon for managing, updating, and deploying “multi-instance” suitecrm?


I don’t think that there are module for manage something like “multi instance SuiteCRM”

In SuiteCRM you can’t separate files from db, they are strictly linked, but you can create your own structure to do this in automatic or manual mode. You can develop an external application (web or not) or you can valutate how to develop new modules for SuiteCRM that separate the operativity for different installation or something else.

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