MultiSelect field Report

I have a MultiSelect field with let’s say the following options: A, B and C.

I now want to create a Report that shows the number for each option like a normal SelectField, so not for all combinations. If someone has chosen AB, I want to count this separately for both A and B.

Is this possible?

I don’t know but are you using reports module in the SuiteCRM?

Yes, I am using AOR report module

Hello @Lorenzo

I think that might not be possible with the reports out of the box.
B and C are a different group than just B.
Additionally B + B can’t be summed up by the standard functions.

I see two options around this issue:

  1. Create three number fields (A, B, C)
    Add workflow(s) to write a 1 into the field A, if your MultiSelect contains A (and others accordingly).
    Build your report on the number fields than.
    Advantage: Easy, with SuiteCRM only
    Disadvantage: You’re storing calculated data that basically belong into a data warehouse

  2. Use something like Metabase to access your SuiteCRM DB directly.
    Build a custom data model and create groupings / calculations for this field.
    Build your report on top of your data model.
    Advantage: Next level reporting
    Disavantage: One more layer in your tech stack

Thank you Bastian for your suggestion