Multiselect dropdown using module values

I’ve tried to find a solution to this without having to code my own script (im very rusty with coding)
I’m basically trying to add a Multiselect drowdown field where the dropdown values are list of Projects (from the Project module).

What im trying to achieve is to be able to assign a Contact to multiple projects and be able to filter the contact list view by specific projects (so i only get a list of the contacts assign to a specific project so that i can export the CSV)

Once i know how to do this i will probably add a field for Events as well to track down which events my contact have attended and be able to filter that in the contact list view.

if anyone has an idea it would be appreciated.

p.s. on another note i first thought i could somehow just add the contact to a project using the Project subpanel but i haven’t figured out a way to produce a proper filtered report / list… I’ll mess with the report module in the meantime

This is not possible without Coding ! if you want to achieve something like this (Dropdown fill with Module Records) you need a developer, as support on this solution is beyond the scope of this forum.