Multiple Users edit Same record! Stop edit or override

User A Opens Account 1 and changed some values. User B opens the same Account and modified a field, saves the Record. Now the already Opened Account 1 with User A, is saved. Account 1 will not have the update/modification of User B. Is there any Lock or Edit Warning that we can show users who is already Editing the Record?

There is.

  • go to some editView with UserA
  • open the same editView with UserB (same object)
  • UserB should edit something and save
  • if UserA hits save as well, something like this should be visible:

@diligent I didn’t know about this feature, it’s quite cool. B-)

I didn’t knew this feature either! @diligent can you please share if you know from which version onwards this exists in SuiteCRM. My deployment is quite old (version 7.7.8) which does not show same message (on a custom module, i have confirmed that Optimistic Locking is true in vardefs for it) and i tested on the latest version, it does show the message that you have shared and works on it.

Unfortunately not. But I can find instructions/descriptions that are ~ 4 years old.