multiple user hierarchy


I am trying to set three level hierarchy. I have three roles:

Manger can see all records of sales and dealer
sales can see the all records of dealers
Dealer can see only his records

In sort a parent node can see all child data.

Thanks in Advance

I’m fairly new to this but here it goes…

You could create three roles in security suite.

Manager can access the most stuff.

sales can see all their own stuff and dealers stuff.

dealer can access only stuff he owns.

Step 1 - Create roles for each and specify permissions. Assign users to the roles individually.

Manager - All

Sales - Group

Dealers - Owner

Step 2 - Create a security group and add all three roles, untick inheritable.

You should have what you need from there and tweak to your liking. You can assign permissions quickly by clicking the column titles e.g. edit, view, list, etc.

Thanks, I tried this but everything goes right through this way except sales is not able to see dealer data.

  1. manager can see all data : working
  2. sales can see dealer data: not working
  3. dealer can see only his data: working

so the issue is sales role.


Here is an example:
A Typical Hierarchy Setup

you can check out this article on multi hierarchy user setup.

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Hi @pratikbhopal

how would i achieve the below level security in CRM?