Multiple selection in popup not working for Accounts in Targets - Lists

SuiteCRM version: 7.13.4

Good afternoon,

When selecting multiple accounts to add to a Target-List, only one, seemingly at random, account will be added to the list. Occasionally, 2~4 accounts will be added to the list.
Multiple selection in popups works fine for leads, contacts etc.

I have tried repair/rebuild and all JS-related repair options.

Accounts have a custom relationship to a custom module added as a research field in the popup, if that means anything.
Multiple selection won’t work correcly regardless of whether the custom research field is used or not.

No errors in the JS console on the browser (tried on both firefox and chrome), no messages in the logs.

Any help is appreciated

This issue apparently solved itself when I disabled google maps integration - in the logs the queries to select each record from a multiple selection were extremely bloated with joins relative to google maps integration, when I turned it off multiple selection started working again for accounts in target - lists.

Another thing I did in the same timeframe was rebuilding the AOD index to try and fix another issue so that might be related