Multiple sales reps including external in Suite CRM


I was if you could recommend a good way to for dealing with multiple sale reps.

Some of the reps will have an account in suiteCRM (they work for us), but some will be external sales reps (work for a different company).

I was thinking of either creating a LASSO username for the external sales rep or may be using an existing module such as contacts instead.

The sales reps also will be assigned commissions in the future (in case that changes anything).

Thank you

You may create a user for each sales rep.

Additionally you may create two groups of users (one for internal and one for exetrnal sales reps) and assign permissions with SuiteCRM’s “Security Groups”.

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If you read this post

you’ll get some background on the several concepts you can use (namely Portal).

If I were you i would probably examine the idea of making external sales reps also users in the system, but lock them down with reduced security accesses so that they only see what they need to see.

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