Multiple issues in logs and trying to upgrade.

Suite Version: 7.1.0
PHP Version 5.4.27
Linux VPS

I noticed today that my I kept getting errors indicated my site couldn’t connect to the db. When I checked the error_log, it was massive. Over 1 gig. Every entry however indicate something with “PHP Strict Standards:”.

A search revealed that I should add “error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE” to the php.ini
When I did that I would get the error message in the header of my site.

I had also read that 7.1.2 took care of this issue.

So when I tried to upgrade and clicked “next” on the upgrade wizard it would just redirect me to the main page.

I tried to change the theme just in case it was something with my theme and now I am unable to change my theme.

I have tried to rebuild several times.

I am stuck…

Any thoughts?

You could add this to your php.ini :

error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT
display_errors = Off
display_startup_errors = On
; The next line is the location of the log file, which depends on the variant of linux you're running on, for example on centos redhat it's something like:
error_log = /home/youraccountname/public_html/php_error.log

These settings will prevent the error log from becoming huge by logging only E_FATAL errors, and will not display errors on your browser screen.

It’ll also display php startup errors on your browser screen - these are rare but serious and should be fixed quickly.