Multiple Invoice Types


I am trying to figure a way to have 2 basic invoice types (in my country we have a separate invoice types for selling products or services).

  • ΔΑΤ - Invoice for shipping Products with price (it is required for transportation by law)
  • ΔΑ - Shipping Manifest for Products without price (*in case the payment will be in later time. i don’t mind this case. it is required for transportation by law)
  • ΤΠΥ -Invoice for Services

So in my case (Advertising Company) for a simple job like printing business cards for a client, i will receive an invoice(ΔΑΤ) for the products from the Press Partner and i have to send two separate invoices to my client. One invoice(ΔΑΤ) for Shipping physical products and one(ΤΠΥ) for the Service (Markup/Template). In other cases maybe i need more (ΔΑ).

So the only way i can think of is with calculated fields. One drop-down with the types of invoices (so it can be printed on the template) and separate incremental counter for each type, but i can’t figure it out.

Are you a PHP developer, or do you have one available? This is a customization that is better handled through code.