Multiple Instances under single URL

Hi Folks,

Is that possible we can setup 2 different instance, one for NORTH and one for WEST under single instance (same URL).
There might be couple of extra menu for WEST Sales team and also forms would be different.

So can we achieve that? If yes, kindly guide.

Many thanks!

I don’t think so this is possible. You can Use Security Suite to separate your teams, or you can setup separate CRM and domain name for each of the team

You can have a single instance and then make it look different by separating the data (and perhaps some other customized elements ) using Security Groups and roles.

Having a single instance makes maintenance easier, and allows for managers to have a consolidated view of everything.

If you really want, yes, you can have 2 separate instances of SuiteCRM running on the same web server.

@pgr is right! you can have Separate Teams with data abstraction under same URL. Thus managing all would be easier as you can monitor both by being the Admin of the CRM.

I would also suggest @pgr that if the docs can include more examples of Hierarchy’s , it will help more users on what can be achieved with Security Suite module.

Hi @pgr and @cherub-chum, thanks for the link and information, and it looks useful too.

After reading the doc, I just had one though, that can I create different modules for different instance, like for west there is different Oppty or Institute master and for north, it’s different.