Multiple index.html files in various directories

I’m using v7.13.3

I just realized that there are extra index.html files in various directories:

  • custom/index.html
  • include/javascript/mozaik/colorpicker/index.html
  • modules/Administration/index.html
  • upload/index.html
  • vendor/gymadarasz/imagesloaded/sandbox/background/index.html
  • vendor/gymadarasz/imagesloaded/sandbox/progress/index.html
  • vendor/gymadarasz/imagesloaded/test/index.html

I don’t think it’s a big deal, but unless these pages serve some useful purpose, I would be inclined to delete them (even though one file just says “keep me”).

If there is some valid reason to have them in there, should they perhaps be accessible only from within the Admin page?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Northern_Dude,

I’m not 100% sure on each files purpose but I would be hesitant to delete these if they are not causing any specific issues.

include/javascript/mozaik/colorpicker/index.html looks to be a tutorial/readme page about the plugin.

The index files in the vendor directory if deleted will likely be added back in if/when composer install has been run.

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I would leave them there, for security reasons. Most of them are useless and don’t do anything, but they won’t hurt either.

The other ones (Administration, upload) are probably there to ensure that misconfigured web servers, that allow directory listing, have something harmless to serve if you point the browser at the directory level. It also helps prevent automatic execution of files such as default.html or other stuff you could try planting there.

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