Multiple forms Error on installing in chrome

Google Chrome shows “Multiple forms should be contained in their own form elements; break up complex forms into ones that represent a single action” in its console on install. I could be able to install it via Microsoft Edge.
My Google Chrome Version: 89.0.4389.128 (64bit)
SuiteCRM Version: 7.11.18

As per this link I tried modifying input type from ‘password’ to ‘text’ in line 318 in InstallConfig.php and line 148 in dbConfig_a.php didn’t resolve the issue. (Or Was I changing in the wrong place).

Hey there,

Are you still having issues with this?

I don’t think I’ve noticed this myself, which part of the install process do you hit this on?

(I’m assuming when you enter DB User / Admin User credentials, as you have noted a “Password” field?)

Could you pass over some screenshots of the issue?

It seems as though it’s a Console Warning, so I wouldn’t expect it to halt the installation process
But it would be good to get further information!